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Using SecureSign

What is SecureSign

SecureSign by Credit Suisse allows you to access our applications that contain confidential information or transactional capabilities in a more secure way where a simple username and password are not sufficient. It provides a secure, safe, fast, and reliable way to ensure that your information and transactions remain protected.

Who should use SecureSign

At this time SecureSign is available only to authorized users of Credit Suisse PLUS.

How to use SecureSign

SecureSign relies on a visual authentication token that you can install on your mobile phone as an app or you may use a dedicated hardware device. Your phone or hardware device captures and decodes an image displayed on screen, which translates into a verification code you then enter to log in to PLUS.


At first you will need to enter your username and password and click Continue. The system will then display the image and you will need to follow the simple 1-2-3 steps illustrated below:


Open the SecureSign app on your phone or dedicated hardware device


Capture the image using the app or dedicated hardware device viewfinder


Enter the verification code provided into the verification code box